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    Since our foundation, we have been consolidating our reputation as a leading company producing domestic safety shoes and hiking boots. In addition, we have brought a new sensation to the safety shoe making industry by winning the industrial safety awards for three consecutive years (the 5th, 6th and 7th) for the first time in Korea.

    And we have succeeded in solidifying our stance as a leading safety shoe making company again by winning the Korea Safety Award.

    We, at HANS Co., Ltd., have always contributed to nation’s economic development and satisfied customers' need with leading products, excellent quality, and differentiated marketing strategies.

    Bearing in mind that the work created with sincere mind will bring about the best result, we will make best efforts to become the company recognized with the world's highest quality through our accumulated technologies and sincere heart.

    We would like you to give continued support and encouragement to HANS Co., Ltd. that will make tireless efforts to accomplish sound growth.

    With HANS Co., Ltd., striving to create the safe environment for the country with sincere heart, you will enjoy a safer future.